Central Falls Paving 16 Roads, Funds Not Earmarked in Bankruptcy Budget

Aug 5, 2013

The City of Central Falls plans to repair and pave 16 roads. Mayor James Diossa said the Pawtucket Water Supply Board is ripping up the roads to make repairs to water mains. Instead of just patching the roads back together, the city will completely repave them.

“Pawtucket Water Supply opens up the roads and they were willing to grid the roads and leave it to the point where we just have to cover it with asphalt,” said Diossa, “so that’s why it’s very, very cheap for 16 roads.”

Diossa said the entire job will cost $460,000, but Central Falls will only have to pay $90,000. Central Falls emerged from bankruptcy locked in to a five-year budget. Diossa said that $90,000 is not part of the budget, and the city will have to cut and move costs from other parts of its budget to pay for the paving. He could not say where exactly those cuts would come from.

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