Central Falls tries to save its library

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Central Falls library board is launching a fundraising drive to re- open it. That, according to Central Falls city councilman James Diossa who is asking the receiver running the city to find another way to stave off bankruptcy. But as things stand right now the library is scheduled to shut its doors Friday.

The Central Falls library is only taking books back now.

No check-outs because of its closure Friday after serving this city for 101 years.

"Sixteen-year-old Jailyn Ortiz, a sophomore at Central Falls High School, was dismayed when she heard the news."

"That's kind of bad because I kind of like this place," she says. "I come here all the time to get my books and do research and anything I can and they help me out when I need help with my homework or anything."

The closest library is Pawtucket's which is eight-tenths of a mile away.

But that seems far to Ortiz who has become used to having a library just a few blocks from her school.

"I don't even think I'm going to be able to," she says. "Because you know when school comes back it's not just right there next to the corner it's all the way down there."

Inside the library, the staff of six was contemplating a future without jobs.

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