Central Falls working with retirees on new plan

PROVIDENCE, RI – Central Falls receiver Robert Flanders Jr. fired the Central Falls police chief Friday morning and eliminated the position. Flanders is working to replace the police and fire chiefs with a public safety manager as one small way to dig the city out of the red.

Meanwhile the attorney representing the receiver says he could present as early as next week a new proposal for police and fire retirees pension benefits. Attorney Theodore Orson told Bankruptcy Court judge Frank Bailey there's a proposal for police and fire retirees that would, quote, "improve their position." Orson would not elaborate on the plan, but says there could be an agreement by mid-October.

Orson told the judge that negotiations with unions and retirees are going well, with the largest remaining issue being cuts to pension benefits. Flanders delivered those cuts last month and they chop some pension checks by more than half. Critics warn the cuts will harm elderly retirees who don't collect Social Security and depend on their pensions for survival.

Flanders has filed a recovery plan that involves raising property taxes, cutting benefits and consolidating services as a way to get Central Falls to break even by 2014.

Central Falls Recover Plan
Even the executive summary is lengthy, and you can read it here.

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