Chafee accuses Caprio of poor legislative attendance

Providence, R.I. – Gubernatorial Candidate Lincoln Chafee is criticizing opponent Frank Caprio's legislative voting record on grounds of poor attendance. According to Chafee Caprio missed nineteen percent of the votes taken during his 16 years in the Rhode Island General Assembly.

Caprio's press secretary Nick Hemond doesn't deny the charge, but attributes Caprio's absenteeism to the part-time nature of the Rhode Island legislature.

"Frank was an attorney and a business owner and a father," Hemond says. "You have to balance your family life and you have to balance your professional life. And you have to balance your time representing people in the state house."

Chafee claims he missed less than two percent of votes during his time as U.S. Senator. But Hemond charges Chafee's voting record lacks quality even if it demonstrates quantity.