Chafee Announces $2.1 Million For Youth Summer Work Experiences

Jun 10, 2014

Governor Lincoln Chafee has announced that $2.1 million dollars of state and federal funding will support youth summer work experiences in a variety of industries this summer. Starting in July, more than 20 community-based organizations will provide work experience and work-readiness training to residents between 14 and 24 years old. 

Governor Lincoln Chafee
Credit Catherine Welch / RIPR

About 1,400 youth will gain experience working in information technology, health care, hospitality, arts, marine trades, construction, and manufacturing. The Governor's Workforce Board Executive Director Rick Brooks says he thinks the work will give the youth great experience that they wouldn't otherwise have received.

"There are several benefits to this, and probably the most important thing is that the youth learn what it means to be on the job. They'll learn about the real world of work so they can bring that experience with them to their next job. In addition to that, the youth do actually receive formal training in work-readiness."

The youth will generally work for 20 hours a week for six weeks and will earn minimum wage.

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