Chafee calls for more civil dialogue

Providence, RI – Governor Lincoln Chafee is echoing President Obama's calls for political civility following the shootings in Arizona last week.

At a press conference about health care reform, Chafee recalled a column written about him with the title "They shot the wrong Lincoln."

He says we're overdue for a toning down of that kind of political rhetoric.

"Some of these people don't even believe what they're saying, but they're making money off it," he says."So, the advertisers have to shut them down. That's my view."

Chafee doesn't plan to appear on talk radio programs in Rhode Island and he's barred state employees from participating in those shows as well.

Critics say Chafee is cutting out a form of media that offers a direct exchange between the Governor and his constituents.

The column
Read Ann Coulter's "They shot the wrong Lincoln" here

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