Chafee campaign manager steps down

Providence, R.I. – Lincoln Chafee's campaign manager, J.R. Pagliarini, has resigned because of accusations that he received unemployment compensation while working on Chafee's campaign.

The accusation is based on information the Chafee campaign says was illegally leaked to Channel 10 by the state department of labor and training.

Chafee spokesman Michael Trainor says Pagliarini did not nothing wrong. Trainor says Pagliarini received his last unemployment check January 2nd and his first check from the Chafee campaign January 15th.

It appears otherwise due to an internal retroactivity feature in the campaign's payroll system, says Trainor.

"So that when J.R. received a check on January 15th, completely unbeknownst to him, the system, the payroll service and our internal system, recorded it as payroll for December 19th to January 2nd," he says.

Trainor is replacing Pagliari as campaign manager, and he says Pagliarini resigned to avoid providing an ongoing distraction to Chafee's campaign.

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