Chafee, Caprio hold Newport fundraisers

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Gubernatorial candidates Lincoln Chafee and Frank Caprio held fundraisers in Newport yesterday. Caprio's was closed to the press but Chafee's was not.

Chafee, who has spent more than $800,000 of his family's money on his independent race for governor, got some help Sunday from Newport society. In a fundraiser that spanned three adjoining mansions, 125 guests donated a combined total of $35,000.

Chafee thanked them at the third stop, Miramar, an early 20th century mansion being restored by former Goldman Sachs managing director David Ford.

"These campaigns do take resources and so I'm very grateful for taking your valuable time and helping with your resources," Chafee said.

The fundraiser doubled as a birthday party for Hugh Auchincloss III, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' stepbrother. He paid Chafee the ultimate political compliment.

"I know my late brother in law, Jack Kennedy," Auchnicloss said. "If he had continued writing "Profiles in Courage," would have added a chapter for Linc."