Chafee devotes administration to health care reform efforts

Providence, RI – Governor Lincoln Chafee is making it official- he's committed to implementing federal health care reform in the Ocean State.

Today he signed an executive order establishing a commission and executive committee devoted to the issue.

A room full of health care advocates at the Rhode Island Foundation Building applauded Governor Chafee as he signed the order, which devotes government resources and personnel to making health reform work in Rhode Island.

Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Roberts will head up the executive committee, as well as coordinate a commission made up of members of the health care community. "The Lieutenant Governor put this group together," Chafee says. "They've been operating you might say, on the side lines, and now this brings them right on the front lines.

Roberts spent her summer organizing conversations around implementing health reform in the Ocean State. She did not receive support from former Governor Donald Carcieri, who was opposed to the legislation.

The order
Read the signed executive order here

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