Chafee feels vindicated by federal crackdown on medical marijuana

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Governor Lincoln Chafee says he feels vindicated by a federal clampdown on medical marijuana in California.

Chafee upset local medical marijuana supporters when he put a halt to plans for large-scale dispensaries known as compassion centers. But the governor says a federal crackdown against medical marijuana distribution centers in California shows he made the right decision.

Chafee says any local medical marijuana compromise should be based on a memo written by a federal prosecutor.

"It's called the Ogden memo, giving the parameters of what the Justice Department will not pursue," he says. "And we have to adhere to that Ogden memo. I think it's got to be small growers. It can't be these large growers of medical marijuana."

The governor says he's willing to meet with compassion center supporters to discuss the issue.

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