Chafee: looking at giving Central Falls a manager

PROVIDENCE, RI – Governor Lincoln Chafee says a cash infusion wasn't put into the state budget is because lawmakers thought the receiver's office wasn't moving fast enough.

Three different receivers have been running Central Falls for a little more than a year. The current one, Robert Flanders, begged the state for a nearly $7 million cash infusion to help fill budget gaps, which the state refused.

Chafee says Flanders and the others have done a good job on the legal end, but he's now talking with residents and lawmakers about replacing the receiver.

"And there's some sense that some kind of experienced municipal manager, now that we go through the legal aspects as they conclude, might be better suited," says Chafee.

Chafee says he doesn't think Flanders is moving too slowly. Flanders has held the job for the last six months. While he's has a staff to work with, Flanders is also a partner at his law firm and he serves on several boards.

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