Chafee makes Board of Regents appointments

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Governor Lincoln Chafee has appointed four members to the Board of Regents including George Caruolo as chairman.

Caruolo says after 18 years in the state house, this was the only job that could pull him out of retirement. Other appointees include former URI president Robert Carothers, East Providence parent Carolina Bernal, and Mathies Santos at the Boston Veteran Affairs. Chafee didn't say specifically what he'd like his appointees to focus on, but did say Central Falls will need their attention.

"Yeah, there's some healing to be done, there's no doubt," Chafee says. "I went through a bitter teacher dispute when I was mayor of Warwick and it takes a long time to heal and you have to work at it. I think the message here is going to help with that healing."

Chafee says he hopes the state senate will confirm the appointees this month.

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