Chafee not wedded to sales tax plan

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Governor-elect Lincoln Chafee says he's willing to reconsider his plan to expand the state sales tax.

During his first post-election news conference, Chafee says he thinks the state's agreement with 38 Studios is probably a done deal, now that 75 million dollars in bonds have been sold for the project. Chafee also says he's not absolutely wedded to his plan to impose a one percent sales tax on current exempt items.

"I'm open to better ideas, but I am going to be a fierce protector of the property tax," Chafee says. "I do firmly believe, as the experts have said, that that's the most harmful to economic growth."

Chafee says there were times on Election night when he thought he might lose the race for governor. But during his first post-election news conference, he says he has no regrets for championing a politically risky proposal to raise the sales tax.

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