Chafee: `Pot for Potholes'' ?

Feb 25, 2014
  • Gov. Lincoln Chafee says that if Rhode Island legalized marijuana, the tax revenue ought to be channeled into infrastructure repairs.
  • In an interview with the web site The Huffington Post, Chafee suggested that the slogan might be ``pot for potholes.’’
  • Chafee told the web site’s reporter that the tough New England winter has created a plethora of potholes and that tax revenue harvested from legal pot sales would help with filling the gaping holes that have cratered Rhode Island streets and roads lately.
  • Chafee’s tongue may have been in cheek; he did not advocate immediately legalizing pot sales in Rhode Island, saying he wants to study how legal marijuana is working in Colorado, one of two states (the other is Washington State) that have sanctioned sales of the weed.
  • The governor also said he wants to see what the General Assembly does with legislation that would legalize pot, which has been introduced by Rep. Edith Ajello, D-Providence and Sen. Josh Miller, D-Cranston.
  • Chafee also reiterated his belief that liberal social policies, such as approval of same-sex marriage and welcoming immigration policies, help draw younger, educated people to a state and are helpful in growing the economy. The Rhode Island legislature has already approved legal medical pot.