Chafee rescinds e-verify order

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Governor Lincoln Chafee on Wednesday rescinded a controversial executive order that mandated more stringent enforcement against illegal immigrants.

Chafee rescinded Governor Carcieri's executive order at the International Institute, a nonprofit agency in Providence that aids immigrants and refugees. Chafee delighted a largely Latino audience by calling e-verify a divisive issue that has caused unnecessary fear among immigrants.

"As your governor, I will work to make Rhode Island the most tolerant and welcoming state in the country," Chafee said. "If one wishes to work hard and obey our laws, Rhode Island can be your home. Now I will take pen to paper."

Chafee is also undoing an agreement in which four state troopers were deputized with federal immigration enforcement powers. He says immigration should be addressed at the federal level, but acknowledges that the outlook is uncertain.

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