Chafee slams Caprio for employee re-hire

Providence, R.I. – Democratic gubernatorial candidate and State Treasurer Frank Caprio is defending his re-hiring of a woman who was described as a quote "reign of terror" by an arbitrator.

The woman in question is Marion Solomon, niece of former State Treasurer Anthony Solomon. She was fired in 2005 for using foul and derogatory language to her co-workers. Caprio re-hired her when he took office in 2007.

Caprio spokesman Nick Hemond says she was re-hired as part of a collective bargaining agreement that gave the treasurer greater flexibility in staff assignments.

"There's been no incidents since then. This brought an end to the expensive litigation that would have ensued," says Hemond. "Again it was part of the negotiation between the labor union and the treasurer's office. It resulted in getting the reforms in place that streamlined the way Treasury operates."

The rehiring of Marion Solomon was brought to light by Independent gubernatorial candidate Lincoln Chafee who calls it highly inappropriate.

"How do you think the employees in the general treasurer's office feel when this person who they believe conducted a reign of terror is finally exited only to be re-hired and reinstalled by the newly elected Frank Caprio. That's unacceptable," says Chafee.

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To read a copy of the arbitrator's decision on the case, click here.