Chafee unsure about supporting Obama in 2012

PROVIDENCE, RI – Governor Lincoln Chafee, one of President Obama's early supporters, says he's not sure he'll support a re-election bid.

Asked by NPR's "Tell Me More" if he would endorse the President next year, Chafee said he hasn't focused on the upcoming election but is disappointed with Obama's foreign policy.

"The biggest disappointment for me are the wars. I thought that the President was going to take a different path and get us back to where we're getting along with everybody in a better way rather than resorting to violence and drone missiles and all that go along with it," says Chafee. "So that's one of my biggest disappointments with the administration."

The interview with Governor Chafee will be aired on NPR's Tell Me More at 1:00 pm Friday.

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