Champion Card Players Arrive In Providence For Thanksgiving Showdown

Nov 27, 2014

Thousands of bridge players are skipping the turkey and shuffling their cards Thursday. More than 5,000 thousand bridge players are in Providence competing in the North American Bridge Championships.

Thousands of bridge players converge on the Convention Center for the North American championships
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Brothers Adam and Zack Grossack and their mom Jori would rather sit across the table from the best in bridge than relatives this Thanksgiving. Mom nudged her boys into lessons when they were little, and it took. 22-year-old Adam Grossack already has a championship win under his belt. He has a regimen that helps him stay focused.  “Deliberate walking, coffee breaks, sleep schedule, an exercise schedule just to make sure that I’m mentally focused,” said Grossack.  He said he’s not nervous, just excited. “I’ve played in a lot of these tournaments so there is an element of nervousness, but it’s more just like competitive drive rather than nervousness,” said Grossack.  Bridge players from 15 nations will compete over the 11-day event at the Rhode Island Convention Center. They’re expected to pump some $8.5 million into the local economy.

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