Changes to the State Budget to Be Unveiled

Jun 18, 2013

State lawmakers continue to meet behind closed doors as they prepare to unveil their changes to the budget introduced by Governor Lincoln Chafee.  The legislative spending plan will be vetted Tuesday by the House Finance Committee.

As the legislative session winds down, the state budget has yet to be approved by the General Assembly.

Filling a budget hole of about 30 million dollars is the top challenge facing lawmakers. The deficit is a result of lower than expected state revenues. Linda Katz of the liberal Center for Economic Progress is concerned that social programs for the needy may take a hit when legislators try to clear the red ink.

“We’re concerned that we might see up to 6500 parents lose affordable health insurance coverage,” said Katz.

Governor Lincoln Chafee’s office says there’s enough flexibility for the budget to still support new investments in education, infrastructure, and workforce development. The next budget year starts July first.

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