Charlestown Historical Society looking for a home

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The Charlestown Historical Society is trying to wrap up fundraising for a campaign that started back in 1977.

The Charlestown Historical Society has never had its own museum. Instead, for the last 43 years it's bounced around town, setting up exhibits at the police station, fire station, city hall, the library. The society received a $5,000 donation to build a home back in 1977, and then efforts stalled.

"It's frustrating because we've been a fully fledged society but we really don't have any archival space or public display areas," says society president Pamela Lyons.

The Charlestown Historical Society is more than half-way to its $100,000 goal. And Lyons says they've been given a 99-year lease on land next door to the Cross Mill's Public Library to build the museum.

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