Charlestown To Leave School District

Charlestown is withdrawing from the Chariho Regional School district, as the result of an election yesterday. Residents voted overwhelmingly to leave the district, which also includes Richmond and Hopkinton. They approved two separate binding referenda. One called for removing grades kindergarten through 6 from the district. The other called for removing all grade levels from the district.

?Almost 80 percent of our municpal budget goes to education, and the local feeling is that we could do it for probably more, but we would have more control over our buildings,? said Charlestown Council President Karen Lytle.

The move could be expensive for the town. ?There will have to be a referendum in the other two towns to have them vote to let us get out of the district. At that point, we would have to pay whatever debts that our town owes the school district itself,? said Lytle.

Town officials estimate creating a new school district could cost $20-million.