Charter School Applications Rise 20 Percent

Mar 5, 2013

The number of Rhode Island Families hoping to get their children into Charter Schools continues to increase, according to the Rhode Island League of Charter Schools. The group is reporting a 20 percent jump in applications for 2013 for a total of 7,900 applications, up from 6,500 applications in 2012.

Just 800 spots were available in the League’s 15 member schools for the coming school year when they held their annual lotteries on Friday. Charter School officials say they believe the rise in interest is due to positive word of mouth, and the increasingly diverse array of charter schools open in the state.

The Rhode Island League of Charter Schools does not include Mayoral Academies like the new Achievement First school in Providence. Mayoral Academies are a special category of charter school that are free from prevailing wage and other union rules.

Achievement First says it had roughly seven students vying for every open seat it its inaugural Kindergarten and first grade classrooms. The group operates more than 20 charter schools in New York and Connecticut, but this is its first foray into Rhode Island.