Chinese company makes plea deal

Providence, R.I. – A guilty plea in federal court Wednesday ended a multi-year probe by Rhode Island investigators into the importation of illegal human growth hormone.

Human growth hormone, or HGH is often illegally used by athletes to boost performance.

The Chinese drug manufacturer GeneScience plead guilty to distributing HGH and has agreed to pay $7.5 million. United States Attorney Peter Neronha says although Genescience sent HGH all over the country, investigators in the Ocean state were the ones that unraveled the case.

"That's not to say there was more HGH here than elsewhere in the country. The fact of the matter is their conduct was discovered here and investigated here," says Neronha.

Three million dollars of the plea agreement will go to a fund devoted to educating children about the dangers of HGH and helping addicts stop using the hormone. That money will be managed by the Rhode Island Foundation.

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