Church Leaders Urge Prayer In Response to Charlottesville March

Aug 17, 2017

The Rt. Rev. W. Nicholas Knisely, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island, and Dr. Tom Wiles, executive minister of the American Baptist Churches of Rhode Island, called today on Rhode Island Christians to join in prayer this weekend to reject the message of the neo-Nazi march on Virginia.

“As leaders of majority-white churches in Rhode Island, we want to be clear: there is no place in Christianity, or in our country, for the belief that white people are superior or deserve preference or advantage over other people. White Supremacy is sin.’’

Rev. Knisely and Rev. Wiles go on to say that white supremacy rejects the “teachings of the Bible and the traditions of the church,’’

Systems that perpetuate racial advantages for some and disadvantages for others are sinful,’’ said the joint statement.

“We have seen self-professed Nazis carrying torches shouting slogans that we hoped had been consigned forever to history and insulting our Jewish neighbors,” the statement said.

``Our response as members of faith communities is first to be clear in our rejection of racial violence ans systematic preferment, and second to pray for God to bless the work of reconciliation that can repair the damage that has been done.’’