Cicilline cites regret about calling Providence's fiscal condition "excellent"

In a new development, former Providence mayor David Cicilline says he regrets not doing more to highlight the city's financial problems before leaving office.

Cicilline has mostly blamed external factors, like the recession and state cuts in local aid, for the fiscal crisis inherited by his successor, Angel Taveras.

But Cicilline now says he regrets not doing more to raise awareness about the fiscal storm that developed near the end of his second term as mayor. The congressman reflects on how he called Providence's fiscal condition excellent during a televised debate last October.

"I regret in addition to saying that we were in a strong position, an excellent position - referring really to the work we had done internally - that I should have talked more about the challenges that lie ahead, which were obvious to me and," Cicilline says, "you know, I think obvious to most people."

After taking office in January, Taveras has said he was surprised by the severity of Providence's fiscal crisis, likening it to a category 5 hurricane.

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