Cicilline & Langevin Backing Pelosi In Leadership Fight

Nov 28, 2016

Cicilline says Democrats need to evaluate lessons from the election.
Credit RIPR file photo / RIPR

With Democrats still reeling from their losses in the election earlier this month, Congressman David Cicilline and Jim Langevin continue to support Nancy Pelosi as the minority leader in the US House of Representatives.

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan is challenging Pelosi, arguing that fresh leadership is needed to help move Democrats forward. A vote is scheduled for Wednesday.

Rhode Island's two congressmen are sticking with Pelosi, who has led House Democrats for more than 12 years.

"She is a strong leader who has been a forceful voice and successful negotiator for the minority, which we will need more than ever with the incoming Congress and administration," Langevin spokeswoman Meg Geoghegan said in a statement. "It has been a difficult cycle for our party, but Leader Pelosi is clearly listening to the Caucus and responding to the election results by making changes in the leadership structure to ensure more perspectives – including those of more junior members – are included."

Cicilline said, “Following the recent election, we should, of course, reflect on the results, share the messages we heard during our campaigns from those we serve, and think carefully about the clear message voters sent -- that they are anxious about their economic future and the direction of our country, and that it’s time Washington start working for them."

"In the days ahead," Cicilline continued, "it’s important that we focus on crafting a strong legislative agenda that honors hard work with increasing wages, creates new opportunities to succeed, ensures retirement security, makes college more affordable and creates jobs for everyone willing to work hard and be certain to communicate directly with our constituent on our plan. I’m confident that we will advance these goals under the current Democratic leadership team in the House, and I am particularly excited by their plans to create more leadership opportunities for less-senior members of the caucus."

Republicans continue to hold the majority in the House, after the November 8 election. They gained control of the Senate, and possess most of the governor's offices and legislatures across the country.