Cicilline, Loughlin face off at debate

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The two candidates looking to replace outgoing Congressman Patrick Kennedy touched on familiar themes in a debate last night.

Providence Mayor David Cicilline, the Democratic candidate, said he would focus on job growth. He also said Republican state Rep. John Loughlin wants to dismantle social security.

"He supports privatizing social security," Cicilline said. "He's talked about it openly in this campaign, about having younger workers go into the stock market...He's called social security a Ponzi scheme."

Loughlin countered that social security could use improvements.

"Why not improve the system?" Loughlin said. "Why not give younger workers an opportunity at something more. We all know about the mayor's scare the seniors tour."

Loughlin also called for the immediate repeal of the health care reform bill. Last night's debate was co-sponsored by Channel 6 and the League of Women Voters, and broadcast on WRNI.

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