Cicilline responds to challengers

PROVIDENCE, RI – Congressman David Cicilline is only four months into his first term but already he has a couple of opponents.

Former state representative John Loughlin, who challenged Cicilline in November, is expected to try again. And former state police superintendent Brendan Doherty threw his hat into the ring last week.

We caught up with Congressman Cicilline at the Providence College commencement ceremony where he gave brief remarks. He tried to shrug off the fact that he's got two viable Republican candidates chomping at the bit for his job.

"The last election we had was just about five months ago. My focus is obviously doing the work I was elected to do." he says. "Doing everything I can to get this economy back on track."

Cicilline's approval rating according to a Brown University poll is only 17 percent. He's widely blamed for leaving his predecessor, Angel Taveras, with a financial crisis that's been likened to a category 5 hurricane.

I asked if he though he could win again with a favorability rating of just 17 percent.

"Look," he said. "I absolutely intend to win again."

Cicilline says his main focus at this time is improving the economy and ending the war in Afghanistan.