Citizens Attempt to Stop Tax Increase in Woonsocket

Aug 21, 2013

A group of citizens has filed a lawsuit in Superior Court in an attempt to stop a supplemental tax increase in Woonsocket.  Woonsocket officials hope to use the tax to overcome a persistent budget crisis.

But the lawsuit filed on behalf of several taxpayers claims the supplemental tax doesn’t comply with the General Assembly legislation that authorized it. The legislation was based on Woonsocket being able to reach almost 4 million dollars in other budget savings. But the suit says that since almost 3 million of the savings are subject to legal action, that may never be realized.

Woonsocket included the supplemental tax in bills sent out last month. The city says the money is part of what’s needed to restore fiscal stability in Woonsocket.

The lawsuit is supported by Rhode Island Taxpayers advocacy group. Spokeswoman Monique Chartier says the supplemental tax is troubling because it will be part of the basis for future property tax increases.

Woonsocket’s city solicitor didn’t return a call seeking comment for this story.

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