City Hotel Workers Go On Hunger Strike

Jun 16, 2014

Four Providence hotel workers and one Central Falls City Councilor have announced plans to go on a hunger strike to protest a provision in the Rhode Island budget regarding minimum wage.

The workers plan to camp in tents outside the Statehouse and refuse to eat until their demand is met. They want cities and towns to be able to determine their own minimum wage. Last week, the Providence City Council decided to put raising the minimum wage for hotel workers on the ballot in November.

But Hilton Hotel employee Evan McLaughlin says that on the same day the House passed a measure preventing municipalities from determining their own minimum wage laws.

"The city already wants to vote on it, the city’s government already made the decision to vote on it. We’re just asking the state to allow us to do so. We intend to be on hunger strike until Governor Chafee makes the decision whether or not to veto this budget, and we are asking him to veto the budget.”

The workers want to raise their minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour.

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