Class notes: school safety after Newtown

Jan 25, 2013

Assalt rifle photo by 82josh


Gist: Mandatory school safety plans unlikely

State education and public safety officials say they are crafting a model plan for school safety following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. In a discussion with state senators, RI Education Commissioner Deborah Gist stopped short of calling for mandatory safety regulations, saying there is too much variation in school buildings. RI Police Chief Colonel Steven O’Donnell, who appeared this week on RIPR’s Political Roundtable, said posting police officers in every school would be a “monumental task.”

Sports required for disabled students

Schools must allow disabled students to participate sports programs, if they can keep up, according to a new mandate from the Federal Department of Education. There’s more on the story at The Washington Times.

Providence hires physics teacher

Providence school officials have hired a physics teacher for Alvarez High School, who will start next week. The move follows a story in The Providence Journal revealing that a history teacher had been teaching the school’s physics class. For more, you can check out my interviews with the teacher, Debbie Krous, and Providence Superintendent Susan Lusi.

New data on high school graduation rates

High school graduation rates have fallen off slightly in Rhode Island, and there’s a larger gap between male and female students than in the rest of the country, according to new data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

The cat's meow

A sample of Joseph Aaron Segal's knitwear from

A RISD professor and former RISD student debuted this week on Project Runway. Knitwear designer Joseph Aaron Segal has a proclivity for sweaters featuring cats. Segal invited friends to a premiere party Thursday at the Dark Lady, a bar in downtown Providence.