Clay Pell wins nurses' union support

Mar 13, 2014

Clay Pell’s campaign, which is in need of some good tidings after a run of `Hey Dude Where’s My Cah’ coverage, has gotten the endorsement of the United Nurses and Allied Professionals, a nod that Democratic politicians covet.

``Rhode Island desperately needs principled and dynamic leadership to get our state moving in the right direction again. Clay represents our best opportunity for a new beginning and a clean break away from the same old politics that have left far too many Rhode Islanders without hope,’’ said Linda McDonald, a registered nurse who is president of UNAP.

McDonald also cited Pell’s support for access to quality and affordable health care and his understanding of the role community hospitals play as ``economic engines’’ in Rhode Island’s cities and towns.

``I am honored to earn the endorsement of the United Nurses and Allied Professionals. The work of these health care professionals on the front lines of an industry experiencing a great deal of change is important both to me and to those who receive their exemplary care,’’ said Pell. ``The trust placed in me as UNAP’s preferred candidate for governor is humbling and  a source of great pride.’’

UNAP represents more than 6,500 nurses, medical technologists, therapists and other healthcare professionals in Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut. They are an important private sector union with a mostly female and well-educated membership. This is a good endorsement for Pell, particularly in light of the fact that his opponents in the Democratic primary, State General Treasurer Gina Raimondo and Providence Mayor angel Taveras did not get it.