Cleanliness Of Narragansett Bay Improving Steadily

Jul 29, 2014

"Watershed Counts," a collection of information that focuses on the water quality of the state's beaches, reports that the health of Narragansett Bay is improving. However, the report also monitors the effects of global warming and pollution on the bay and has found that beaches are still being closed due to higher than average bacterial levels in the water. 

Watershed Counts' 2014 reports say the health of Narragansett Bay may be improving.
Credit Catherine Welch / RIPR

Nicole Rohr of the University of Rhode Island's Coastal Institute worked on the report. She says climate change is causing more unpredictable storms, which has led to more polluted runoff into the bay. 

"When you have a strong rain event, you get a lot of runoff, especially in urban areas, that takes pathogens right to the bay. So we're now doing a lot of things to help reduce that, such as combining sewer overflow. Providence is making a good effort to provide more trees. There's a lot of green space and green infrastructure effort, and that will all help reduce that runoff."

Rohr says that Bristol stands out among Rhode Island towns for its efforts at reducing polluted runoff into the bay.

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