Clinton campaigns for Caprio

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Former president Bill Clinton was in Providence on Sunday stumping for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio.

There was no mention of Frank Caprio's telling President Obama to "shove it" at the Clinton event but it hung over Veterans Memorial Auditorium like a dark cloud. Caprio himself alluded to it in his introductory remarks.

"Last week, I got knocked down a little bit just like you have gotten knocked down a little bit," Caprio said. "But here in Rhode Island we don't mind getting knocked down because we get right back up."

President Clinton praised Caprio for the job he did as treasurer and for the jobs plan he has offered if elected governor. But he too acknowledged in a subtle way that the shove it comment has hurt Caprio in the polls.

"The most important thing about this rally is what you do after it's over," Clinton said. "You can still win this race, ya know? You can win this race."

Caprio has fallen to third place in a seven man race since he told the president of the United States to shove it for not endorsing him, a comment he first stood by then said he regretted.

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