Closed East Providence Recycling Facility to be Removed

May 16, 2013

A contentious recycling facility in East Providence will close.  The Department of Environmental Management will use bond money to pay the property owner to remove all construction and demolition debris from the site.

When Trans-load America Pond View applied for an operating license in 2011, the DEM required it to post a bond in case it closed. And well, the DEM just announced such a closure. So the DEM will now use $610,000 of bond money to clean-up the site. Some residents are upset that the person who brought the recycling facility to the neighborhood in the first place, property owner Ken Foley, will be in charge of the cleanup. The DEM’s associate director for environmental protection Terrence Gray says there is a good reason for having Foley leading the cleanup.

“The property owner has a special role in this. Because their role as the final guarantee that the closure will be done.”

Gray says Foley is financially responsible if the cost of clean-up goes past the value of the bond and a separate line of credit. That means it will come of out Foley’s own pocket if the project costs more than $800K dollars. Gray stresses taxpayers are not footing the bill. He adds that DEM inspectors will be present throughout the clean-up to monitor air quality and progress. Most of the debris will be shipped away to Ohio via rail.