Coast Guard Lifts Restrictions on Port of Providence

Providence – The Coast Guard has lifted the restrictions it had imposed on the Port of Providence.

The lifting coincides with the departure of a French cargo ship which the Coast Guard escorted out of Narragansett Bay at about 10 a.m. today.

Coast Guard spokesman Lieutenant Joel Roberts said additional restrictions could be imposed again depending on circumstances.

?It will be different from ship to ship, port to port, vessel to vessel," he said.

The Coast Guard established a security zone around the port and part of the Providence River on Monday afternoon.

All vessels including recreational boats needed permission to enter the zone and were escorted through it by the Coast Guard.

The restrictions were imposed with the arrival of the French ship Eeklo but officials have declined to discuss the nature of its cargo.

Roberts said the Coast Guard had not permanently closed Providence to certain kinds of vessels; Boston is closed to some petroleum cargo ships.

"The port of Boston and the Port of Providence are two completely different places," he said. "There's a lot of different things that go into the evaluation of risk including a lot of geographical issues and the different vessels, the different vessel histories (and) the flag states."