Cochran Asks Judge To Reconsider

Providence – A high profile New York law firm is renewing its request to represent the mother of slain providence police officer, Sergeant Cornel Young, Jr. in her multi million dollar wrongful death lawsuit.

Leisa Young retained Johnnie Cochran in the lawsuit, which claims that inadequate training and supervision by Providence police contributed to her son?s death. Judge Robert Lovegreen denied a request from Cochran and three associates to practice in Rhode Island, saying he could not see why the case warranted more than two out-of state attorneys.

In asking Lovegreen to reconsider the lawyers are emphasizing their claim that this will be a complex case. They anticipate reviewing ?mountains? of records and conducting extensive analysis of police training in several areas, compared to procedures around the country, their filing says. Young, it says, deserves the attorneys of her choice. Cochran is offering to have just two arguing in court at any given time.