Cold Temperatures Heading Our Way

Jan 6, 2014

Rhode Island has been basking in unusually warm temperatures for a January day. According to the National Weather Service, most parts of the state were in the low 50’s throughout Monday.  But a big change is just around the corner.

After one warm day, Rhode Islanders can expect more of this.
Credit Catherine Welch / RIPR

Rhode Island has been on a weather rollercoaster for the last four days.  The temperature has swung from a near record low last week to a comfortable 50-plus degrees Monday. But National Weather Service meteorologist Charlie Foley says it will get very cold tonight and will remain so through Thursday.

Between this afternoon and overnight we’re going to have another episode of unusually cold temperatures," said Foley. "We’re looking at temperatures on Tuesday that will be around 20 degrees generally across Rhode Island. And then nighttime lows will be down in the low teens and even single numbers in some spots.

Forecasters expect a return to milder weather Friday and it’s expected to continue through the weekend.