College Students In Providence Express Dissapointment, Worry Over Trump Election

Nov 9, 2016

Brown University gates

Students around the College Hill neighborhood of Providence expressed dismay over the election of Donald Trump as the country’s 45th president. Brown University students held “self-care” gatherings on the campus green. Rhode Island School of Design faculty told students to take the Wednesday off if they wanted.

Brown student, Katherine Duckworth voted for Hillary Clinton, and said she can’t talk about the results and not cry.

“I don't see how this is going to get any better,” said Duckworth. “I don't see how we can possibly fix this. Like with losing the House, and the Senate, and they're going to get to choose the Supreme Court Justice.”

The vacancy left on the Supreme Court by Antonin Scalia has not been filled. Republicans in Congress refused to hold confirmation hearings for President Barack Obama’s candidate, Merrick Garland. Student Duckworth said the was worried that Trump may also get to name as second Justice.

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg is eighty-three, I don't see her making it four years,” said Duckworth.

Other students said their minority status made them fearful  of a new, more socially conservative administration. Kevin Erskine, a senior from New Jersey at the Rhode Island School of Design voted for Clinton, and said he identifies as gay.

“Honestly Mike Pence terrifies me with a lot of the legislation that he's signed off on,” said Erskine. “It's scary in terms of a lot of people's civil rights- people of color, trans people, the LGBT community.”

Clinton supporters Deja Todman, a student at Brown from Massachusetts shared Erskine’s concerns amid the heightened  racial rhetoric used during the campaign.

“I feel like a Trump Presidency directly affects me negatively just because I am a woman, I am Black, I am Latina, and I am queer,” said Todman. “And I just don't feel safe.”

On Wednesday night hundreds of people gathered at the Rhode Island statehouse, and marched through the streets of Providence, demonstrating their unhappiness with President-elect Trump.