Commission recomends home for health exchange

Providence, RI – Rhode Island is one step closer to creating an online market place for health insurance.

The Rhode Island Healthcare Reform Commission is recommending that a state agency take on the task of designing the state's health insurance exchange.

Health Insurance Commissioner Chris Koller says that's closest to what Rhode Island tried to do with legislation that failed to pass the General Assembly.

"If you look a what we tried to set up with the legislation, I think option two offers the best chance to mirror that in a way that allows the exchange to function going forward," he says.

Option one was designing the exchange out of the Department of Health. Option three would have picked a nonprofit to create the online market place for health insurance.

The state officials didn't specify which state agency should host the exchange. The final decision rests with Governor Chafee who will have to issue an executive order to create the planning committee.

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