Community Health Centers Push to Educate Public on the Health Insurance Exchange

Aug 5, 2013

Rhode Island’s community health centers are kicking off a push Monday to educate their patients about the upcoming health insurance exchange. The entire congressional delegation is helping out.

Though opening in just a few months, many Rhode Islanders are still uninformed about health insurance exchange.

Last year nearly 135,000 Rhode Islanders visited a community health center, and 32 percent of them lacked insurance coverage. Jane Hayward, CEO of the Rhode Island Health Center Association, said that’s why community health centers will play a key role in educating uninsured Rhode Islanders about their options on the state’s new insurance exchange which will be up and running October 1st.

“This is an important time for all of us in Rhode Island. We’re coming up to October 1st when we’re going to have an opportunity for people to really see what their health care options are," said Hayward.

The state’s exchange, known as HealthSource RI, will be an online marketplace where people can buy coverage. It’s a cornerstone of Obamacare, which requires everyone to have coverage by January 1st.

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