Congressional Delegates Gather in Support of Obamacare

Aug 6, 2013

Rhode Island’s congressional delegation helped launch Monday an effort to encourage participation in the federal healthcare overhaul known as Obamacare.  Nine community health centers around the state will play a role in the campaign.

The health centers have received a total of $900,000 in federal grants to spread the word about new options for getting health insurance. Rhode Island is among a small number of states developing their own health insurance exchanges to implement Obamacare. Senator Jack Reed was among those hailing the effort to boost participation among Rhode Islanders.

"This makes great sense. Getting people access to healthcare is fundamentally important and having everyone participate so it’s affordable and accessible is equally important," said  Reed.

Congressional Republicans and other critics contend Obamacare will raise taxes and erode individual freedom. Rhode Island’s healthcare exchange, known as HealthSourceRI, will formally debut on October first.

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