Congressman Cicilline expects FEMA aid bill to pass

Jan 4, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) On Capitol Hill Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline says there should be majority support for a bill expected to hit the House floor Friday that helps victims of Hurricane Sandy. Cicilline says the $9-billion  package will provide help with flood insurance. It comes days after the Republican-controlled House scuttled a larger relief package approved by the Senate.  

Cicilline says it’s a shame the Senate’s 60 billion (B) dollar relief bill was blocked.
“This is a moment where for sure it shouldn’t be a political or partisan or republican versus democrat issue. This is an issue which we should come together as a Congress and a country to help those families in need.”

It’s unclear whether any funding for Rhode Island is tied up in the Senate bill. FEMA officials say $350,000 in relief for Rhode Island is already in the bank.

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