Congressman Jim Langevin Worried About Sequestration Cuts

Mar 1, 2013

If the so-called sequester takes effect, 2nd District Congressman Jim Langevin says programs in Rhode Island will suffer, from education, to defense, to nutrition programs and public health. Langevin is concerned that what he terms the “indiscriminate” $85 billion in cuts will lead to economic slowdowns, starting as soon as next month.

 “We don’t want to cut programs that are yielding a return on investment. So, we’re talking about spending in education, or job training, or infrastructure. All of those things will yield a return on investment that is going to be good for our local economy here in the state, it’s gonna be good for the national economy. But across the board cuts, you’re just cutting without looking at what you’re cutting.”

Langevin said if the cuts go through, what he calls the “full force effects” on jobs, productivity, and the economy will likely be obvious later in the year.