Conservation Law Foundation Plans to Sue RI Landfill

Jul 22, 2013

The Conservation Law Foundation said it plans to file a lawsuit against the operators of the Central Landfill and the companies involved in converting methane gas from the landfill into power. Director of the Conservation Law Foundation in Rhode Island, Tricia Jedele, said the landfill has been running without a required federal permit for 16 years.

“The Clean Air Act required major sources to apply for operating permits in 1997. Resource Recovery Corporation did apply in 2000, and there was a subsequent amendment later in 2000,” said Jedele, but no draft permit or permit has ever been issued for the landfill.”

Jedele said the landfill is also emitting methane and other unhealthy gases into the air.

“The CLF’s concern is that these are harmful air pollutants, that the landfill is not being regulated in compliance with the law, and that that’s going to result in not only concerns for the neighbors and impacts to quality of life but is unacceptable,” Jedele said.

Resource Recovery Corp, which operates the landfill, said it got the Conservation Law Foundation’s letter Friday morning and is evaluating it. Calls to a spokesman for Broadrock Renewables have not been returned for this story.

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