Conservative Group Praises Rhode Island's Pension Overhaul

Aug 14, 2013

A conservative group is praising Rhode Island for overhauling its state pension plan in 2011. The changes made to the plan remain the subject of a lawsuit in Superior Court.

State Treasurer Gina Raimondo has received praise for her work on pension reform from a conservative government group.

In a new report, the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, praises Rhode Island for making significant changes to reduce its long-term pension obligations. The Virginia-based group calls the changes a contrast from states that hold hearings and organize study groups without taking action.

ALEC notes that Rhode Island’s has gained both – quote – “notoriety and praise” for its pension changes. The state remains in court-ordered mediation with a series of public-employee unions over cuts to benefits previously promised to workers.

Earlier this year, a liberal group, the Economic Policy Institute, rapped Rhode Island’s pension overhaul. The architect of the pension changes, state Treasurer Gina Raimondo, is expected to run for governor next year.

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