Coping with a Disaster

Apr 15, 2013

Everyone at RIPR is hoping you made it home safe today if you were on scene at the Boston Marathon. But even if you made it home without physical injuries, you might find yourself suffering from some completely understandable emotional trauma. Here are some resources to help you cope:

  • SAMHSA's national "Disaster Distress" Helpline is free and confidential. Call 1-800-985-5990 or visit
  • The CDC shares these tips on coping with the aftermath of a disaster, including common reactions: Even more tips from the CDC here, including how to talk to kids after traumatic events, and signs that you might need more help.
  • The American Red Cross offers advice on recovering emotionally from a disaster, plus when to seek more help, here: You can also register to look for loved ones or let loved ones know your safe from the same site.
  • For military veterans and families who might be especially affected by today's events, there's the Home Base Program. Call 617-724-5202 or visit

Got more resources? Let me know. I'll update the page.