Coping with Loss

RIPR – Sooner or later all of us confront death, at first when people close to us live out their final days. A parent, a sibling, a dear, dear friend. Each of us deals with death in ways that are remarkably unique. Some of us grieve openly and demonstrably, others of us much more quietly. As Rob Mariani reflects, sometimes the intense grief that death brings can occupy a very special place in our hearts.

Born in the North Bronx, Rob Mariani currently lives in Bristol, RI. In addition to a career in advertising as creative director, copy writer and agency partner, Rob is an essayist for, and wrote comedy sketches for The National Lampoon Radio Show. Recently Rob's travel essay on Ireland was a finalist in the New Yorker's "On the Town" short essay contest. He is the founder and president of the Creative Communications Club of Providence and the co-author with his brother, John, of "Almost Golden," a Bronx memoir.