Could Cianci try another comeback?

Sep 23, 2012

Could this really be happening or is it a trope straight out of the Groundhog Day movie? Talk that Vincent A. `Buddy’ Cianci may run again for mayor in  2014 is coursing through City Hall and sending shivers through some in Providence’s political hierarchy.

It would be preposterous to think that Cianci, convicted a decade ago of running the city as a criminal enterprise, could win a two-way race. And there is no way he could defeat Democratic Mayor Angel Taveras.

But should Taveras leave to run for governor and the seat opens, Cianci, associates say, would be tempted to run if it were a multi-candidate election where he could sneak in with 30 some percent of the vote. For those with short memories, this is how he made arguably the greatest comeback in modern RI electoral history when he won a three-way joust against Fred Lippitt and Andrew Annaldo in 1990 by capturing a bit more than a third of the vote.

Cianci would have to give up his lucrative television and talk show deals to run and the mayoralty would be a pay cut from what he is hauling in now. When asked about the prospects last week, Cicncia said in an email only that he loves what he is doing now but to “stay tuned.’’

There is a very good chance that talk of Cianci getting back into politics is a talk show ruse, useful to help Cianci with ratings and creating buzz about his show on WPRO. He has been known to play this card in the past and it is likely that this is nothing but a rumor. Yet, it has happened before. History doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme…