Couple Found Dead In Their Rhode Island Home

Oct 30, 2013

A couple was found dead in their Cranston home Wednesday morning and investigators suspect carbon monoxide poisoning. The home had no smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

Cranston firefighters were called to a home on Pontiac Avenue at 8:30 am on a report of two people found unresponsive.  It was too late to save the 40-year-old man and 36-year-old woman.  Cranston fire marshal Stephen MacIntosh said the home was heated with a portable generator that should have been outside but was installed in the basement.  Carbon monoxide levels in the home, he said, were high.

“In normal circumstances it’s vented out into the air. There’s no problem. But in this case here it was used improperly by running it inside the home where the gas was not allowed to exhaust into the air,” said MacIntosh. “It just filled up the house.”

MacIntosh reminds Rhode Islanders that October is Fire Prevention Month. When you turn your clocks back this weekend, it’s recommended that you change the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well.

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